Areas of action and improvement

In general, Leancleaning can intervene in the optimization of any area of your company: Human Resources, Environment, Quality, Health and Safety at Work…

Identification, planning and management

Leancleaning offers permanent access to the data collected on your work processes to optimize them in real time, improving the balance and management of workloads.

Continuous improvement in HR

The data collected will allow you to implement improvements in aspects of occupational health, ergonomics, to adapt tasks to people’s characteristics, to schedules, favour work-life balance, etc.

Innovation, quality and competitiveness

Make your company more competitive and innovative. Without job sheets or papers: a smartphone to collect and send the data and a web control centre to manage them flawlessly.

Savings and flexibility

The system adapts to your clients’ needs thanks to its flexibility, ensuring and maximizing service quality simply and intuitively.

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Benefits for companies and for the people who work in them

• Study and analysis of work processes and the creation of new forms of organization.
Dignifies and professionalizes the work of employees, facilitating training, personal development, recognition and participation.
• Favours the creation of adapted and/or polyvalent jobs, redistributes tasks and responsibilities.
• Enables communication between the service company, the client and the cleaning operator.
• Adds quality to the service, the benefits and image of an innovative, technological company.
• Provides companies with a sales tool and a competitive advantage when it comes to tenders.
• Enables detailed analysis of expenditure and savings of between 10% and 30% on costs.

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Benefits for end clients

• Better quality service.
• Permanent information on the service contracted and the possibility of making improvements in real time.
Analysis and management of the processes at your own work centres.
• A technological tool compatible with management tools.
• Analysis of spending and savings in procurement.
• Allows people from other areas of the business to specify requirements or report incidents to the cleaning staff.