Where did our idea come from?

Our partner and the man behind the idea, Txuma, set up a professional cleaning firm in a sector which had been engaged in a fierce price war for many years as a result of the global economic crisis and cuts in subcontracts in the public sector. This circumstance, together with the idiosyncrasies of the industry -in terms of personnel management-, meant that profit margins fell to a minimum and his company was no longer competitive.

And so he put on his thinking cap...

Txuma needed to find a different approach to managing the company and envisaged a radical change in how work could be organized: the application of Lean Manufacturing and technology to a field to which they had never been applied before.

And so our product was born: LEANCLEANING. A technological tool that allows data to be collected for processing and analysis, information to be offered and work processes and human resource management in cleaning companies to be improved. In this way, your end clients get a higher quality service, too.

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