The Leancleaning solution works like an ecosystem, a living structure which is constantly improving and growing, offering precise responses to the specific needs of companies and adapting to the changes and demands of end clients.

Mobile APP

We use NFC (Near Field Communication) technology via smartphones to exchange accurate data in real time. This means you have all the information about the tasks that each worker is doing or needs to do at your fingertips. On their smartphones, your workers will be able to:

Clock in and out
Record entry to and exit from different areas
Consult their working day
Consult the tools and products they should use
Be informed about incidents and/or changes in their normal tasks
Communicate with the people in charge at their company or the client company at all times
Send photos or comments about other incidents they detect

Collect information in real time with the mobile application

Web CC

The data reported from the mobiles is collected in the Web Control Centre -cloud software- for study and analysis. In this way, a huge amount of information and data is available for the management and optimization of all the work processes. Via the WebCC, the data collected can be managed in countless ways and applied to an endless number of areas:

Analysis and viewing of the data collected in statistics and graphs
Administration and organization of the work processes
Optimizing tasks and suiting ergonomics to each person
Re-structuring leave or absences
Cost savings
Quality control of the service

Work management and administration from the Web Control Centre


Leancleaning will carry out the system implementation process at your company through customized training sessions and our specialized consulting service.

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Leancleaning establishes a dedicated, two-way, instant communication channel between workers and their supervisors, distinguishing between information related to different areas: quality, health and safety, environment, training…

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